Plants vs. Zombies for PSP

Hi welcome to this site. Like you I got addicted with Plants Vs Zombies game, I played it on my laptop and friends Ipod Touch. My wife and I finished it already and thought to write or port it on PSP (Playstation Portable).

Good thing a homebrew is available for us which was created by a PSP Fan I do not know what his name is so credits goes to him.

If you haven't played any homebrew follow the guide below on how to properly put this on your PSP's memory card:

Step 1: Click the Download Button Below
2: Extract the zip file.
3: Copy the "Deadly Garden" Folder on ms0:/PSP/GAME folder of your memory stick.
4: Launch it from the XMB

I wouldn't waste your time of getting here. Since you spent an effort looking for this here is a full game I found on a forum. Too bad it is not for PSP yet.